ACE Special Events/Tips!

With the common themes surrounding ACE: art, philately, friendship and correspondence, the group celebrates numerous special events among club members as well as tips to help members with correspondence ideas. For example, a member has an upcoming birthday? Send him or her a birthday cover - what a great way to help celebrate the event! A holiday coming up? Send a cover with a holiday design! A wedding, anniversary, graduation - you name it, a special event in a member's life can become the subject for a cover to send out! Most members' profile includes favorite hobbies and other interests - send a cover to highlight one of those interests or subjects. The potential for cover ideas is almost limitless! Once a year, we celebrate and honor the ACE Member of the Year (MOY), as voted by the membership! At the same time, we also celebrate and honor the ACE Cover of the Year (COY) - also determined by ACE members. Details can be found elsewhere on these pages. Also once a year, and probably the most popular event in the ACE calendar, is the celebration of the Great ACE Day, or GAD...on the first of August! Members nominate candidates, the membership votes, the membership notified of the winner (the winner receives a different "winner's name), and the membership sends GAD Celebration covers inundating the winner's mailbox with tons of covers - the average number of GAD covers the winners receive is in the hundreds!!

Another important event that occurs once a year is the ACE Annual Meeting, or "ACE-fest", as it is occasionally referred. This annual event combines ACE business with a bunch of other activities - such as cover displays and exchange. It's a terrific opportunity for ACE members to gather and have a chance to meet, in person, many of the ACE'rs that they've been exchanging mail and covers. Additional information about the ACE Annual Meetings and regional meetings can be found elsewhere on our site.