ACE Contests!


One of the more favorite events throughout the year is the variety of cover contests that occur.  These contests are conducted to provide an opportunity for the entire membership to have a friendly competition putting together as many covers as each member wants using a predetermined topic or theme.  The contests and topics are announced in the newsletter far enough ahead of time to give members ample opportunity to plan, design, produce, and mail in their covers.

Most contests are related to holidays, special events, or topical themes.  Members are encouraged to design their cover(s) and mail them to the contest representative.  They are then judged - usually by a non-member group such as a local stamp club. All entries will be reproduced and displayed in the newsletter; and the winner(s) will be announced there as well.  Some sort of prize and certificate will usually be awarded to the winner and other place winners.

During the contest period, members are urged to make additional copies of their entries and mail them to their favorite exchange partners and other members of the club.

Samples of entries from past cover contests can be found throughout the ACE Gallery of Covers pages within this web site.

To see examples of entries from recent cover contests, please click on one of the links below.

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