USPS Postal Bulletin

Are you aware of the latest news from the USPS?  Do you have access to current information regarding new stamp issues?  Do you create or collect covers with First Day or Special Event cancellations?  Are you aware that you can obtain this information online by accessing or downloading the bi-weekly USPS Postal Bulletin?

The new USPS Postal Bulletin is available every other Thursday.  Click on this link to obtain the current issue, or past issues from the current year.  Once you've reached the page that displays all of the available issues, select the issue that you wish to view or save, in the format in which you'd like to view or save it (.PDF or .HTML).  All stamp-related news may be found under the Stamps/Philately section of the bulletin.  To see issues from previous years, just change the year date accordingly in the link's address.

USPS 2023 Stamp Program - Preview!

Want to get a preview of the stamp issues planned for 2019?  The USPS is providing a daily/weekly tease by gradually showing off the stamps scheduled for next year - click here to get an early peek as they are announced!