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Cover of the Year
(COY) Award


The Cover of the Year (COY) award is a prestigious honor in the Art Cover Exchange.  This is an opportunity for the ACE membership to nominate and then vote for the "best" cover received by an ACE member.

And when we say "best", it doesn't necessarily mean that the cover is an art masterpiece (it could be!) or something that is professionally created.  What it most often does mean is a cover that a member receives over the past year that is his or her "favorite" cover.

When this annual event rolls around, and the announcement for nominations to begin is made, all members are encouraged to take a look at the covers that they received over the past year.  And while doing so, members should pull out those covers that they feel deserve to be considered one of their favorites - the best.  From that group of covers, whittle the numbers down to one and then send in your nomination.

Members receive a lot of terrific covers over a year and it can be daunting to select just one.  Much thought needs to be put into a member's  consideration for nomination, and ultimate selection choices for the membership.  There are no "rules" to guide you in your choice other than the covers has to be produced and mailed within the previous calendar year, as noted by the postmark.  Others may submit covers by the same member, or even the same cover.  There is no provision in the bylaws and no selection committee to edit the submittals.  All covers that are nominated for the Cover of the Year will appear in the newsletter.

2020 COY Award Winner

ACE 242  (awarded posthumously) 










Past COY Winners