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December, 2022

Well, I have to admit that things around here have been quite hectic.  I've been dealing with a number of medical issues, as well as some renovation projects at home lately, that our web site has taken a minor backseat.  For that, I apologize.  I'm now in the process of getting quite a few new cover images added to our Gallery pages, so bear with me.  Also I want to do some maintainance/editing on a number of various pages.  I hope to have that all completed before the end of the year! 

January, 2022

A belated Happy New Year!  Not a lot new to report at the moment.  However, I just wanted to comment that I'm currently in the process of "cleaning up" the Recent Arrivals area of our ACE Galleries.  I've started to delete some of the older images (no longer "recent") but making sure that those covers are still depicted elsewhere.  So if you're viewing some of the pages in the Recent Arrivals section and see some gaps, that's why! 

July, 2021

In late June, a number of ACE members were contacted via the web site and e-mail from Cynthia Schmidt, the daughter of Gilbert Schmidt, a member of the original ACE.  She informed us that her father, ACE 386, had passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 93.  While going through his estate, she discovered his collection of ACE covers dated from 1942 and 1943!

Cynthia told us that she sought us out at ACE to see if we could help her discover any of her father's original letters and covers. If you have any info, covers, or images, please let us know!

See Cynthia's story here.


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