A Plea from the daughter of "Old ACE" member, ACE 386


Lastly, see the photos attached. The black and white photo was my dad taken some time in 1959-1960 as it was his first photo as Faculty or as a Teacher at Random Lake High School for the Year Book. The other photo, one of my favorites, was taken in 2018, about a year before his death at age 92. I am and always will be a Daddy’s girl and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him – terribly.


Cynthia Schmidt, daughter of Gilbert Schmidt (deceased)

Faculty picture from Random Lake H.S. Gilbert at age 92

Letter to Gilbert from then ACE 293, Secretary Ruth Kleinman
Click here to see a PDF version of this letter
Cover used to mail letter

  Ruth was the then ACE Secretary (1940’s). The letter was sent to my Dad in 1942 – postmark from West Point, PA is too faint to read and sadly Ruth didn’t date her letter.  What I like about this letter is she actually outlines what the ‘rules’ of joining the Ace club was back then.